Tuesday, November 8, 2016

3 Things You Should know About Joni Bentley and Her ART Program

Horse riding is a spectacular and exciting activity. Whether for sport or for leisure, the one thing all riders should learn how to do is ride in harmony with their horses. And this cannot be achieved until certain things are in place, until certain measures have been met and certain errors corrected. To do this, you need a seasoned horse riding trainer and fitness expert.

Joni Bentley is one. Known for her Alignment Riding Therapy, she has been able to successfully help riders achieve oneness with their horses. The oneness thing is actually indescribable. It’s something you need to see to be able to understand what it means.

The bond between the rider and the horse can be further enhanced using Joni Bentley’s teachings or by consulting with her directly. In this article, we’ll be exploring 3 different interesting things about her. So, let’s get to it.

Joni Believes the Body Can be retrained

This is evident in her Alignment Riding Training (ART) program. Jodi Bentley aims to help riders straighten their gait and posture, eliminate onsidedness and ride in perfect oneness with their horses.
According to her “my aim is to take a crooked rider and crooked horse and make them equally straight”. Bottom line, you can easily become a better horseman if you can learn how to master your gait and your horse’s. Therefore, she teaches the ART program to interested riders on site and off site.

Helps Resolve Horse Riding Issues

If you have been riding horses for a while, you may have noticed that no matter how well or good you become, there’s always some crookedness, something that doesn’t feel smooth. This is what Joni Bentley works on. Her program is based on the fact that everyone has a natural crookedness. In this case, she means, being right handed or left handed.

This in itself is not a bad thing, but in horseback riding, it can prevent you from attaining maximum performance and results. Using Joni’s methods, a horse rider and his horse can soon become extremely bonded without any crookedness whatsoever.

Publishes Excellent Horseback Riding Newsletters Every Month

Her newsletters are often amazing and packed full with information. All horse riders who have been riding for a while and even novices can and will benefits from here articles. She also has books and DVDs that teach Dressage. All these are aimed to teach the rider and his horse equally and eliminate their crookedness once and for all.

With her many techniques, you can and will find out what your own unique crookedness is and see how it is affective your horse’s performance. Some riders have had mixed results with her Alignment Riding Therapy.

Some noticed tremendous improvement within 6 months of starting her program, others less so. The bottom line is that if you need help with your horse riding, want to correct any postural problems, you should get in touch with Joni Bentley.